Our best trips so far were those where we experienced the local life. Our aim is to welcome you as a friend giving you a taste of Lisbon’s amazing spots.


We are not tour guides!


We are your friend in town and work as personal consultants to advise you, according to your profile, on how to experience Lisbon. We create tailor-made experiences according to clients’ profile and taste. We design creative and challenging team building experiences for heterogeneous groups. We operationalise all the experiences by ourselves in a very homey style.

We deal with the most exclusive and demanding clients from all around the globe: individuals who look for individual experiences!


Rita António
Sales & Marketing Manager

Rita, 32, PR I am a city girl, now a mommy, but still young and wild at heart! My passions are food, music, cinema and my friends. If you stick with me you will probably end up in a show or a party amongst friends and family! I know my way around fairs and markets ‘cause I grew up in a traditional Lisbon market. Join me for a morning of buying fresh produce for dinner and a cool drink at the local viewpoint. I love cooking and organizing cool parties or cozy intimate dinners! I am also an expert in the perfect caipirinha…   rita.antonio@showmelisbon.com | + 351 924 215 131

Hugo Simões
Operations Manager

Hugo, 35, MKT Analytics Consultant I am the typical Lisboner. I was raised outside of town, 45kms away from Lisbon, which surprisingly enough is totally countryside and not urban at all… At the age of 17 I came here to study and fell in love with the city, so I never left, except for a semester in Czech Republic, Lisbon has been my home for the last 20 years.
hugo.simoes@showmelisbon.com | +351 919 481 860