Rita António


I am a city girl, now a mommy, but still young and wild at heart! My passions are food, music, cinema and my friends. If you stick with me you will probably end up in a show or a party amongst friends and family!I know my way around fairs and markets ‘cause I grew up in a traditional Lisbon market.  Join me for a morning of buying fresh produce for dinner and a cool drink at the local viewpoint. I am the main experience provider in Show me Lisbon, so I have been telling stories about the city history for more than 10 years now. I love cooking and organizing cool parties or cozy intimate dinners! I am also an expert in the perfect caipirinha… 

+351 924 215 131



Hugo Simões


I am the typical Lisboner. I was raised outside of town, 45kms away from Lisbon, which surprisingly enough is totally countryside and not urban at all… At the age of 17 I came here to study and fell in love with the city, so I never left, except for a semester in Czech Republic, Lisbon has been my home for the last 22 years… Shhhh, I am getting old! I love the old town center, but I also enjoy my quiet moments in my parents’ farm, where I often go on weekends. Maybe you can join me for those quiet moments and get away from the city…   

+351 919 481 860



Carolina Abelho


I am a chef and I have always lived in a town close to Lisbon but next to the ocean! I started out by studying Math, completely focused on research, but in the middle of my Masters, I left the numbers and equations world and decided to follow my passion for food and took a course in Culinary Arts, in Hotel and Management school in Estoril. Passionate about cooking, but madly in love about Pastry, nowadays I get to do what I truly love: teaching young students the art of Pastry. If you love cooking, food and trying out new things in the kitchen, I am the perfect friend for you to have in Lisbon!  



Gonçalo Pina


I am a young filmmaker from Lisbon who happens to have studied History. I’m the one who takes the photos for Show Me Lisbon!
I like films and photography, of course, and I am always listening to music or reading in the subway. You’ll probably see me running up and down the city in the afternoons or in a bar at night.
I’ve been doing tours around the city for the past 4 years, so I guess I can say I know the corners and secret gems of Lisbon. Join me if you want a tour full of history and fun.

+ 351 924 215 131  

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